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CultureChine proposes:

Our language courses

  • Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Corean

  • Small groups (4 to 6 people)

  • For adults and children (from age 4)

  • Semi-private or private

  • Classrooms in Lausanne, at your home, or business

  • Learn Chinese by ‘playing’ (activities, drawing, singing, and playing, all in Chinese) children from ages 4 to 6

  • Special courses to prepare the following Chinese official exams: HSK (level 1-6), HSKK ; BCT (A, B, oral exam), OPIc-汉语 ; TOCFL ; TSC (1-10), IGCSE (AS/A- Level) ; AP ; SAT II Chinese, IB exam (IBDP / MYP / PYP), YCT (level 1-4).
    Our teachers have at least 5 years of experience with accredited diplomas (i.e. literature, business, teaching, marketing). All lessons are given in Lausanne and in the entire Romandie region.

Business Related Courses

CultureChine offers courses to accommodate your needs to approach the globalization of China:

  • If your company has frequent contact with Chinese marketing

  • If you are planning to open a new branch or division in China

  • If you have questions concerning communication and/or translation, and you would like to understand China (it’s people and culture) more comprehensively

  • We also offer an introduction of the Chinese language (intensive, private, or groups) given in your workplace or our classrooms in Lausanne

Our instructors have graduated from Switzerland and China (they are fluent in Chinese and English). They have an acute knowledge of the intricacies of China, and because of their academic and professional experience in the field, they can provide you the understanding,subtleties, and nuances of the Chinese culture.


  • Our staff is here to help you with all your interpreter or translator needs, whether from English to Chinese, or Chinese to English.

  • Our staff has the ability to assist and welcome Chinese delegates to your business, which will provide the proper interaction between you and the client.

  • For a free estimate, please contact us and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Private Schools and Official Exam Preparation

  • Our qualified and experienced teachers provide and prepare all the students from all levels to the following official Chinese exams and have been successful in this endeavor for many years. They can travel directly to your school (in Vaud, Valais and Neuchatel) in order to prepare your students for these exams.

  • Our exams include the following: HSK (level 1-6), HSKK ; BCT (A, B, oral exam), OPIc-汉语 ; TOCFL ; TSC (1-10), IGCSE (AS/A-Level) ; AP ; SAT II Chinese, IB exam (IBDP / MYP / PYP), YCT (level 1-4)


  • CultureChine offers beginner and advanced sessions (group or private).

  • If you would like us to organize a calligraphy session (birthday, retirement, or coupon to be used as a gift), we can organize it and will include all materials (for groups up to 20 people).

Play and Recreational Activities

  • If you are a teacher and your students would like to learn more about China (i.e. Chinese New Year, writing, literature) we will organize an activity for you in your classroom

  • If parents with a child are interested in learning more about China, we can organize an activity in your home.

  • According to the ages of the children, we can organize those activities for up to 15 students (in your classroom, your home, or our school in Lausanne).

For further information (cost estimates, specific needs, or requests) please contact us by phone (021 653 81 21) or by email ( and we will reply as soon as possible.

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